August 10, 2015 Synchronization of leaflet.js and google spreadsheet

In this short tutorial, I would like to show how to use google spreadsheet as a database for web GIS map.

custom control button
February 20, 2015 Creating custom control button in leaflet

In this post, I would like to shortly describe how to easily create, style and use self-defined control button.   L.Control.extend We should start with…(Read More)

map labels
November 7, 2014 Text labels in leaflet

Labels are fundamental part of cartography but when it comes to web map APIs, it’s not always easy to handle them. In leaflet we can…(Read More)

June 26, 2014 Arrows in Leaflet

I know, there are some libraries for drawing lines with arrows, like Leaflet.TextPath or Leaflet.PolylineDecorator. But this time I wanted to create something really simple, that could…(Read More)